Fitter 2: Strengthen. Sculpt. Sweat. | Workout Program & Nutrition Guide

The newest 8-week Fitter Program is here! The program comes with brand new workouts in BOTH video and printable PDF format. The videos are full-length, follow-along style that you can either stream online or download right on your computer, so you can do the workouts anywhere!

The workouts work your entire body and the 8-week schedule will tell you exactly what to do each day, including your cardio days. The printable workouts/videos are between 20-45 minutes long. You will receive both the printable versions AND the videos with your purchase. The printable has picture demonstrations of each move so you know what to do even if you aren't able to use your video or if you prefer that method!

The program also comes with a Nutrition Guide with 6 days of sample meal plans, mindset tips for healthy eating and making it a lifestyle, plus Bess' favorite go-to recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks (including cookies!) & smoothies that are easy, delicious, and good for you!


  • Lean Legs - 32 minutes
  • Full Body Strength & Sculpt - 32 minutes
  • Cardio Kickboxing - 20 minutes
  • Abs, Core, & Booty - 20 minutes
  • Arms & Back - 28 minutes
  • Power Half-Hour Legs - 26 minutes
  • Full Body HIIT - 45 minutes
  • Arms, Abs, & Cardio - 25 minutes

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